Monday, May 19, 2014

Interesting Tree Projects from Around the World - The Canopy Project

The unique and exceptionally important Canopy Project was developed by the Earth Day Network as part of their initiative to protect and preserve the environment as well as numerous natural areas for the benefit of all communities.

Rather than focusing on the extensive re-establishment of compromised forest areas, their aim is to uplift disadvantaged communities by assisting them to establish food security and developing a sustainable economy by reversing the effect of land degradation through planting trees that provide food and energy resources as well as income for the whole community.

With the increase of devastating storms and floods which often lead to massive, destructive, landslides, stabilising ground through re-introducing or increasing tree coverage over large areas is vital.

For this reason, in 2012, the Earth Day Network along with the Global Poverty Project made a commitment to planting 10 million trees over a period of five years as part of their upliftment project in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

To date, the Canopy Project has planted over 1.5 million trees in disadvantaged communities in 18 countries.

In Haiti, where earthquakes caused massive landslides some years ago, a phenomenal 500,000 trees have already been planted while in three high poverty areas of Uganda, to provide local communities with soil stability, fuel, fencing and most importantly - food, 350,000 trees have been planted.

This fantastic project is making a huge difference to countless impoverished communities all over the world including countries such as the United States, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France, Canada, Spain and Japan to mention just a few.

This valuable project is supported by sponsors as well as individual donations and is part of a worldwide network of non-profit tree planting organizations.

The Canopy Project works in association with the United Nations Environment Programme’s ‘Billion Trees Campaign’ where every tree that is planted counts towards ‘A Billion Acts of Green’.

How are we able to help in our own communities? South Africa has numerous reforestation projects on the go, including Greenpop which we wrote about in our newsletter a few months ago. Read about it HERE. By donating to initiatives such as The Canopy Project or Greenpop, you will be making a significant contribution to helping our fragile environment become stronger and better equipped to support people.

Share your stories with us! Let us know what you have been doing in your own communities!

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