Monday, March 10, 2014

Greenpop - Planting Trees for a Greener Tomorrow is an innovative organisation that have launched a hands - on volunteer project where South Africans, as well as tourists from around the world can become involved with the upliftment and environmental education of children in under-resourced areas of Cape Town.

Their aim is to offer volunteers the opportunity to assist with the greening of the urban environment through re-forestation with indigenous trees as well as the planting of fruit trees at schools, community centres and crèches, which will ultimately help to feed the children within these communities.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to help educate the children on the importance of preserving the natural environment and the role that they can play in conservation, as well as raising awareness of climate change and other environmental issues.

This is truly a ‘hands – on’ project as all volunteers are part of a team, helping with the actual planting of the trees alongside the children and other members of the community, while also helping with the mapping and monitoring of trees.

Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for South Africans to become involved with an important and rewarding project and interacting with international volunteers, but overseas volunteers are also be able to explore the magnificent city of Cape Town and immerse themselves in our colourful and diverse South African culture and hospitality.

Any healthy person of 17 years or older may volunteer for this worthwhile project that has already made great stride in making a positive and sustainable difference to the lives of countless children and all members of these under resourced communities.

TreeCo is an official sponsor of Greenpop and we have donated numerous trees in support of this initiative.
If you aren’t able to volunteer, but would like to support Greenpop, feel free to sponsor a tree through TreeCo, or discover how else you can help by visiting their website

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