Monday, May 19, 2014

Spectacular Monthly Tree - May 2014

The popular Water berry is an attractive and useful medium to large evergreen tree with a lovely full, rounded crown. Often the stem takes on a crooked shape creating an interesting, decorative feature in the landscape. The fragrant white to pinkish, terminal heads of fluffy flowers are rich in nectar and attract numerous insects and butterflies, while the showy, ruby red to purple, edible fruit are relished by a host of fruit eating birds.

Although these beautiful trees thrive in moist conditions, they are quite hardy and will do well anywhere provided they are given a generous mulch of compost as well as an average quantity of water.

May is an excellent time to plant trees as they will establish themselves during the rainy season in preparation for active growth during the summer.

We have beautiful specimens of these rewarding trees available so be sure to order yours now!
Botanical Name
Syzygium cordatum
Common Name
Water berry
Size Available
50 lt
Quantity in Stock
Average Tree Height
2.0 m
Average Trunk Thickness
3.5 cm
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Availability List for May 2014
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