Monday, October 4, 2010

TreeCo becomes Cyber-active on Facebook!

Facebook is now seen as virtually the most commonplace forum for friends and family to keep in touch. 

Over the last two years however, more and more business are using Facebook, as well as other social networking tools to connect with their customers. 

Why bother you may ask? The answer is simple – we are able to keep you informed quickly, easily – and most importantly – personally, as Rudi and Leske will be posting regular updates to our Facebook page. 

So what information will we be sharing with you? 

Tips and Tricks – handy tips from Rudi and Leske regarding how to plant and care for trees Inspiration – inspiring words that will make your day! 

Spectacular Trees – Trees that are looking particularly good – in addition to what we feature in this newsletter.
Events – Special invitations to events that you would find valuable 

Gallery – Regularly updated, the gallery will let you see the nursery, beautiful trees and other stunning imagery
So become a fan of TreeCo on Facebook today – we would love to see you there! 

Click on the Facebook Badge below to join us!

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