Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepare your Trees for Summer!

Now that spring is here it is vitally important to prepare your trees now to ensure strong and healthy growth throughout summer.
Here are a few essential tips from the TreeCo team:-
  • Cultivation to within about 2m of the trunk of the tree should be kept to a minimum as deep cultivation can damage the roots.
  • Loosen the soil around the tree carefully and sprinkle the manufacturer’s recommended quantity of organic fertiliser around the tree, preferably out to the drip line. Rapid Raiser and Bounceback, which are organic fertilisers, are both good options.
  • Rake the fertiliser in and water the area thoroughly ensuring that the water penetrates the soil as deeply as possible. Do not allow fertiliser to touch the trunk of the tree.
  • Cover the area with a thick layer of organic material such as compost or milled bark to help keep weeds to a minimum, conserve moisture in the soil and to supply the tree with continual nutrients as the mulch breaks down. Once again, the mulch should not touch the trunk as this can cause damage.
The mulch should be regularly replenished throughout the growing season and the trees should be given adequate water DISCOUNT CODE TSMD0050 on a regular basis. By following these simple guidelines your trees will reward you with lush and healthy growth all summer long.
Consultation and Advise
Rudi and Leske are always available to assist you in providing information regarding growth problems, pest problems – or other concerns that you may be experiencing regarding your trees. Give Rudi a call on 082 829 5543, or Leske on 072 385 0270 with any queries you may have, or alternatively email us at  

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