Monday, October 4, 2010

Spectacular monthly tree - Populus simonii

Our Populus simonii are looking so spectacular at the moment that we are featuring this amazing tree in our monthly review as well! Although this lovely tree is not indigenous, it is superbly suited to our local climate and provides an interesting alternative to some of our hardy indigenous trees. Unlike some of the other poplars, Populus simonii does not sucker, making it suitable for almost any urban situation where a tree with beautiful luxuriant growth, yet requiring little maintenance, is sought. For more detailed information on this remarkable tree visit this month’s tree review.
Botanical NamePopulus simonii
Common Name                Chinese poplar                
Bag Size 200 lt
Quantity Available 80
Average Tree Height
& Trunk Thickness
Should you require any further information, such as pricing details or should you wish to place an order, please contact Rudi on 082 829 5543 or Leske on 072 385 0270. Alternatively you are welcome to email us with your enquiry at
Looking Good List for October 2010

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