Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Defining the term 'Organically Grown Trees'

Maintaining the natural fertility of soils is the basis for all organic practice, including the cultivation and preservation of shrubs and trees.

The natural fertility of soil is determined by the quantity of available soluble nutrients, moisture and microbes which are required to ensure optimal growth and a balanced ecology.

While we at TreeCo used chemical pesticide sprays on our trees only when absolutely necessary and tried to use the least amount of chemical fertiliser, the fact that we did so, never sat well with us. After researching permaculture growing principles, we decided that a more natural growing method was what we wanted to use in our nursery.

Our primary objective has always been to supply naturally resilient trees which are grown in such a way as to minimise any negative impact that we may directly, or indirectly have on our fragile environment.

What are the benefits of Organically Grown Trees?

1. Consistent Growth - trees grown in a naturally healthy, balanced soil base are more likely to grow at a natural and constant speed. In other words, growth spurts which compromise the trees natural resilience and core strength are avoided.

2. Healthy Root Growth - newly bagged and planted trees send out fresh roots within as little as 3 months in winter and even less time in the warmer months.

3. Resilience - a newly planted tree should never require chemical fertiliser if it has been grown and is then planted out according to organic growing principles. Organically grown trees are naturally resilient and are more inclined to survive demanding climatic and growing conditions.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact - even though growing and planting trees does itself constitute a positive contribution to a healthier, greener world, by using chemical fertilisers one is supporting industries that unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment.

TreeCo - All our Trees are Organically Grown!

For over a year now, we have been using 100% organic growing methods.

We decided to allow ourselves this extended period of time before announcing this fact, so that we could fully determine the results of our new growing methodology across the four seasons and across our range of tree species.

The positive results we have experienced are nothing short of astounding!

From many of our tree species which have continued to show signs of solid growth throughout the seasons including winter, to a noticeable improvement in the more balanced, sturdy look of our trees across all species and bag sizes, we are very excited about the exceptional growing results that we have experienced.

One of our most surprising findings however, has been the significant reduction in disease and pests. Since switching to organic growing methods, we have not needed to use pesticides or fungicides.

Although our trees have always been renowned for their extraordinary resilience and overall good health, our organic growing methodologies promise an even better experience for our clients

How we do it

Our soil base is specially prepared using Wurmbosch organic compost. We also use AfrEco organic compost tea, as well as Vermigro 100% organic fertiliser. Our soil is able to maintain a well balanced moisture level and a matrix of naturally derived nutrients and microbes - all of which are essential for optimal tree growth.

Find out more

Please contact Rudi on 082 829 5543 or Leske on 072 385 0270 for more information regarding our trees and should you require any further detail regarding our organic growing methods.

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