Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For optimal tree growth, plant sturdy trees...

We were delighted to learn of the exceptional growth of over 20 beautiful trees including Australian Flame Trees, Coral Trees, Milkwoods, Wild Plums and Schotia's supplied for an award-winning landscape project installed by Bevil from Cape Contours Landscapes at the beginning of last year. Bevil had this to say about his experience with TreeCo:-

"This installation could quite conceivably be the best landscape on the Pearl Valley Estate! Considering we are only just coming out of a very cold winter now - all of the trees that TreeCo supplied have grown tremendously well - there has not been a single mortality. They are looking stunning and the client is extremely happy.

Initially when we selected the trees, I was for example, a little concerned that the Australian flame trees weren't quite as tall as we would have liked. As is the rule-of-thumb with TreeCo's trees however, they were very sturdy, so they didn't take long to establish and this is why they have done so well.

Rudi and Leske were completely hands on in the selection and delivery of the trees. They also oversaw the planting of each tree. The Milkwood forest that was planted by Rudi is in particular a feature of the garden that the client really loves.

Certainly a benefit of TreeCo's trees is the fact that they are grown further apart from each other than is the industry norm. Instead of fighting for sunlight and therefore growing too tall without enough strength, TreeCo trees are grown to develop good lateral strength which means that they are able to withstand challenging site conditions and flourish.

TreeCo's after sales service was as always excellent. When we noted that one of the trees had developed a disease, Rudi and Leske came out to the site to assess and address the issue.

Overall - I am very happy with the service that I receive from TreeCo and will certainly continue to support them in the future".
For any queries, please contact Rudi on 082 829 5543 / Leske on
072 385 0270.

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