Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Testimonial of the Month - Pearl Valley

TreeCo has had the pleasure of providing trees to Pearl Valley for use within private residences, as well as communal areas within the estate. 
Two key individuals, namely Chris Inkson and Japie Janse van Vuuren from the landscaping team at Pearl Valley have had this to say about TreeCo and the trees that we have supplied to them over the last 3 years:-
We are very pleased with the quality of trees and the impressive, professional service that we have received from TreeCo. Their specimens exhibit strong, thick trunks and good heights for their bag size and Rudi is well known for never allowing trees to leave the nursery with which he is not 100% satisfied. The specimens they offer are always unique – if we are looking for trees that look natural or with a little character – then TreeCo is the place we know we will find them. We recently purchased a large order of trees from TreeCo to be utilised within one of our most recent parks at Pearl Valley. We were very impressed with the fact that our trees were delivered on time and swiftly planted exactly how we wanted them in their designated spots by Rudi and his team – without our supervision. What we have found as almost more impressive is the fact that  over a month later - none of the trees had gone off at all. This bears testament to the quality and resilience of TreeCo trees. There is no doubt that we will be utilising the services of TreeCo in the future for large projects that have been planned – we know we can trust TreeCo to deliver what we want when we need and at the right price!
TreeCo Delivering Trees to Pearly Valley Planting Trees at Pearl Valley
        Delivery to Pearl Valley              Planting the trees at Pearl Valley
Chris and Japie of the Pearl Valley Landscaping TeamAfter the Planting at Pearl Valley
  Chris and Japie of Pearl Valley                 A few months later...
Deon Weyers from Land-Art Environmental Solutions provides various horticultural services to individuals within the Pearl Valley estate. Both Rudi and Deon are amazed by the rate at which TreeCo trees, planted over a year and a half ago have flourished in this beautiful Pearl Valley residential garden which was designed and installed by Deon:-
Residence Back GardenPearl Valley Residence Front Garden
       Pearl Valley Residence Back                 Pearl Valley Residence Front

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