Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Trees Provide Upliftment to Underprivileged Communities

During April of this year, TreeCo formed an important and fulfilling partnership with the Directorate Grant and Municipal Performance Management (GMPM), a body that has embarked on a greening initiative as part of their commitment to uplifting local communities.

The enduring value that trees provide within a community cannot be over emphasised, as aside from beautifying an area and providing welcome shade in the heat of summer they provide numerous other benefits that play a vital role in the health of our society and the environment.

Studies internationally have shown that where trees have been planted in disadvantaged urban areas the crime rate has been reduced, as people suffer less stress when they have the use of an area that has been enhanced by the calming atmosphere of trees.

The environmental benefits of trees include the absorption of carbon monoxide and other pollutants from the air as well as the reduction of noise levels. Trees are instrumental in reducing flow pollutants and soil erosion and are truly indispensible to the upliftment of any community.

As part of our ongoing efforts to assist with community enrichment programs, we were honoured to be part of this greening initiative by DISCOUNT CODE TSMD0030 donating trees for the Steenberg Community Residential Units as well as for the new, specially built house for wheelchair bound Mr Danster from Khayelitsha.

Mr Rob Smith, the director of GMPM and his dedicated team of enthusiastic officials intend to implement their greening initiative on a bi-monthly basis and aim to spend 67 hours greening their projects this year.

At TreeCo we truly value the opportunity of giving back and look forward to continuing this association with GMPM and their valuable greening initiative.

The below are photo's taken during the planting of our trees.

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