Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Testimonial of the Month - Cape Contours

Last year, Bevil Steyn, Director of Cape Contours asked TreeCo to supply a selection of trees for a private client at Pearl Valley.  The trees we supplied were 1x Schotia brachypetala, 2x Erythrina caffra, 2x Harpephyllum caffrum, 5x Brachychiton acerifolia and 12x Sideroxylon inerme.  

Bevil was very complimentary and only had praise for the way in which Rudi and Leske handled the project as well as the quality of the trees.

He had this to say:

On the day the planting was to commence, Rudi was there exactly on time and assisted with the positioning of each tree.

The quality of the trees is really excellent due to the fact that they are quite widely spaced at the nursery, allowing them to develop good structural strength and therefore making the use of stakes in the actual landscape, unnecessary. TreeCo’s trees are definitely the best priced in the industry taking into account the size and stability of the trees.

The trees at Pearl Valley were planted two months ago and are all looking really healthy, having adapted easily to their new environment. Our client called Rudi out when he felt there was a problem with one of the trees. Rudi arrived on site shortly after the call and diagnosed that the irrigation coupled with the clay soil type at Pearl Valley had resulted in the tree having too much water. The problem has been rectified and the tree is now flourishing. 

There is no doubt that TreeCo will remain our first choice when ordering trees for our landscapes.

Please see the stunning before and after photo's below... 

Always Available to Assist 

Please remember that as always, Rudi is eager to assist clients with any problems and will gladly come out on site to diagnose and remedy any difficulties that they may have regarding the health of their trees. 

Our Bumper Discount Offer Still On – Order Today! 

Remember that we are still offering a 10% discount to all clients who visit us at the nursery during February, so pop in and we will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable trees for your landscaping project while you enjoy a cup of our famous coffee. 

Before Cape Contours stepped in...

After Cape Contours completed landscaping (using our trees!)...


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