Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Plant Trees!

Trees are a valuable asset in any environment, so, in order to derive the most benefit from this investment, it is extremely important to follow the correct planting procedure, thereby providing optimum growing conditions and ensuring good strong growth.

Once you have selected the site where the tree is to be planted, dig a hole that is the same depth as the root ball and approximately three times as wide. Fill the hole with water. While the water soaks away, mix the soil that will be returned to the hole with a generous amount of well rotted compost or manure, about ¾ soil to ¼ compost, as well as the correct amount of pelletised organic fertiliser for the size of the tree.  Place the tree in the centre of the hole and carefully remove the bag or container taking care not to damage the roots. Fill the hole halfway with the soil, compost and fertiliser mixture and firm down. Water well as this helps to eliminate air pockets from around the roots. Once the water has soaked away, add the remaining soil mixture to the hole. The ground level of the soil in the hole should be the same as the ground level was, when the tree was in it’s bag or container. Firm down the soil and soak well with water. Create a basin around the tree that is the same width as DISCOUNT CODE TSMD0020 the drip line, as this facilitates watering. Scatter about two handfuls of bone meal on the surface and cover with approximately 5cm of mulch keeping the mulch clear of the trunk. Keep tree well watered until established.

By following these simple planting guidelines you will ensure a 100% success rate and many years of pleasure from your contribution to the greening of our beautiful planet.

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