Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's Celebrate Trees with Arbor Month!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the second best time is today. Confucius

Every September, individuals, schools, organisations and businesses participate in greening events to help improve our urban environment. With events held right around the country, there is sure to be something close-by that you can participate in. If you cant find anything suitable - why not simply go ahead and plant a tree yourself?

For landscapers - a great initiative would be to include this years highlighted tree within your projects for September!

Firstly let's look at the breakdown of what is celebrated when:

Arbor Day - 1 September
Arbor Week - 1 - 7 September
Arbor Month - 1 - 30 September
Well the Western Cape province was certainly a little too wet to celebrate much in the way of planting on the 01st September - but thankfully we have an entire month ahead of us!

Tree's of the Year

Both a common and uncommon indigenous tree species is celebrated every year. For 2013 your trees include:

Common Tree - Virgilia oroboides (Keurboom)

Suitable for both domestic gardens and landscapes, the Keurboom is a fast grower which produces an abundance of magnificent, sweetly scented, pea-shaped, purple flowers in spring and early summer.

Uncommon Tree 1 - Grewia occidentalis (Kruisbessie)

More of a shrub than an actual tree, the Kruisbessie reaches about 3m in height and produces very pretty purple, star shaped flowers in summer. This small tree/shrub is incredibly drought resistant as well as frost hardy and is an absolute must have for gardeners who wish to attract birds and butterflies.

Uncommon Tree 2 - Barringtonia racemosa (Powder-puff tree)

Suited to very humid and moist conditions, the powder-puff tree is in fact a mangrove tree.

Arbor Day Fast Facts

Here are some facts about Arbor Day you may or may not have known!
  • Arbor Day originated in 1872 in the United States territory of Nebraska. Mr. J. Sterling Morton
  • On April 10 1872, the first official Arbour Day, the people of Nebraska planted one million trees.
  • Arbor Day was first celebrated in South Africa in 1983.
  • In 1999 the South African Government extended Arbor Day to Arbor Week.
Join us in supporting the environment this Arbor Month by planting at least just one of the Tree's of the Year!

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