Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top Facebook Query - March 2013

Gail Klein from California wrote:

My 12' tall Cunonia capensis has extreme chlorosis (not equal everywhere) and lots of suckering at the base. Just gave it iron sulfate. It gets lots of water and part sun. I'm hoping you can suggest a solution; they are very rare here in California so no local help is available. Thank you.

TreeCo responded:

The fact that the tree is sending out suckers, means that the tree is planted too deeply - and there is not enough air for the roots. This will also exacerbate chlorosis. These trees grow naturally over rocks in the kloofs and it is extremely vital that their root collar is above ground to prevent waterlogging. Although their roots cling over rocks in running water, they don't respond well to soil compaction and waterlogging. We would suggest loosening and removing some of the soil round the base of the tree / top of the roots and look at adding some vermicast (worm castings) around the base to promote microbial interactions.

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