Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spectacular Monthly Tree - February 2013

The dense, dark green, drooping canopy of the magnificent Ficus natalensis makes it one of our finest indigenous shade trees. The size and growth habit of this handsome tree varies widely, depending on the climate and general growing conditions. In the Cape region for example, the Natal Fig has a neat single trunk and tends to be smaller than it’s counterparts growing in subtropical regions, where the canopy becomes far wider with a profusion of aerial roots and a buttressed trunk. The fruit or figs that are produced prolifically by these adaptable trees, while not suitable for human consumption, attract a great diversity of wildlife to the garden from birds to bats and a variety of insects. The versatile Ficus natalensis is wind and drought resistant and tolerates temperatures from -5C – 30+C.

Our Natal Figs are looking absolutely spectacular, so don't hesitate to place your order with us today.

Botanical Name
Ficus natalensis     
Common Name
Natal Fig
Size Available
Quantity in Stock
Average Tree Height
Average Trunk Thickness
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