Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spectacular Monthly Tree - August 2012

Syzygium guineense, which like the Syzygium cordatum is also sometimes known as the 'Waterberry'. Other common names for the Syzigium guineense include the 'Snake bean tree', the 'Waterpear' and the 'Woodland waterberry'. This is a spectacular medium to large evergreen tree capable of growing up to 15 - 30 meters in height. Revered as a favorite for its ability to provide deep shade, the Waterpear offers a purple fruit that is edible and described as both sweet and juicy.

This month, we are offering a few extra large, absolutely magnificent specimens of these handsome trees for sale. We only have a few of these huge specimens available so be sure to hurry and get yours now.
Botanical Name
Syzygium guineense
Common Name
Size Available
Quantity in Stock
7 - 10
Average Tree Height
6 m
Average Trunk Thickness
10 cm
Should you require any further information, such as pricing details or should you wish to place an order, please contact Rudi on 082 829 5543 or Leske on 072 385 0270. Alternatively you are welcome to email us with your enquiry at

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