Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peninsula Landscaping opts for Sturdier Trees

We recently spoke to Colin from Peninsula Landscaping who had this to say about the reason why he chose TreeCo trees to complete an installation of over 200 trees at Parklands College in Sandown, Cape Town.
Hardy Trees - Organically Grown

"TreeCo provide trees that are incredibly hardy. Their trees are allowed to grow naturally and are fed organically. They are also already hardened off in the nursery which means that by the time they arrive on site, they are more easily able to adapt to even really harsh conditions" says Colin.

In selecting suitable trees for this particular project, TreeCo ensured that slightly shorter, sturdier trees were chosen, owing to the very windy conditions that the trees would need to assimilate at Parklands College.

"We try to choose the right tree for the site in question" says Rudi, co-owner at TreeCo "This is especially important when the site is a harsh one as we need to ensure that the trees we supply will thrive in their new environment. Ultimately we know that we impact our clients reputation, and by supplying trees of excellent quality, we try and help our clients to in turn deliver a good service".

By accelerating growth, TreeCo believes that one compromises the natural resilience of the tree which is why natural, organic fertilisers that optimise health are fed to trees. In addition, enough space around the tree is provided while it is in the nursery to help it develop a strong trunk. This reduces the need for staking which ultimately retards the natural rate of growth of trees.

Great Service at a Good Price

"Another reason we will often consider TreeCo as a supplier is because of their service. We get to speak to the owners of the business and have a personalised relationship with them. They keep to their promises by delivering orders on schedule and their prices are excellent. That in conjunction with the quality of their trees makes them an obvious choice for us" says Colin.

TreeCo is an owner managed business and clients enjoy a one-on-one relationship with Rudi and Leske who are the owners the nursery. They personally select each of the trees that our clients receive and are on site when the delivery of the trees takes place.

This approach along with the quality standard of the trees that TreeCo supplies, translates to an complete value cycle that provides the landscaping industry with a solid alternative in the supply of outstanding, reliable quality big trees. Make TreeCo your choice when purchasing trees for your next project and experience their outstanding service for yourself.

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