Monday, February 20, 2012

Download our latest Availability List for February!

Although we have many tree species at our nursery that are looking spectacular at any given time, we feature just one tree in particular every month that we know will offer you the best value for money and that will add that special touch to your landscape project.

This month we feature the Ficus nitida, a magnificent, fast growing shade tree as our ‘Spectacular monthly tree’. This superb tree grows to between 8 – 10 m in height with a similar spread, and, with it’s dense, spreading canopy is unsurpassed for any large garden, park or other open area where the establishment of a beautiful shaded area is sought. The roots of the Indian fig are invasive so it is advisable to plant it away from buildings and paved areas. Ficus nitida responds well to pruning and can easily be contained in this way to form a beautiful and impenetrable hedge. We have truly magnificent, well grown specimens available at our nursery at present and urge you to order yours as soon as possible as we expect these popular trees to sell out quickly.
 Botanical Name
 Ficus nitida
Common Name               Indian fig                    
Bag Size100kg
Quantity Available60
Average Tree Height
& Trunk Thickness
3 - 3.5m 
5 - 6cm 
Should you require any further information, such as pricing details or should you wish to place an order, please contact Rudi on 082 829 5543 or Leske on 072 385 0270. Alternatively you are welcome to email us with your enquiry at
Availability List for February 2012

TreeCo provides our readers with a downloadable, updated Availability List every month.
Please note that should you not find the tree that you are looking for on this list, TreeCo will readily source what you require, on your behalf. Rudi and Leske Neethling personally ensure that all trees supplied by TreeCo, conform to our high quality standards.
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