Thursday, September 8, 2011

September is Here and its Arbor Month Again!

In South Africa, Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1983 and was an event intended to raise public awareness as to the value of trees within the environment. In 1999 the government extended Arbor Day to National Arbor Week, which is celebrated annually from 1 to 7 September and since then - September has been recognised as being Arbor Month.

Every year, Arbor Month features two specific trees, namely one common and one rare species.

For 2011, these two trees are:-

Common:    Jacket-plum or Doppruim (Pappea capensis)
Rare:           Bride's Bushes or Bruidsbome Genus Pavetta
                    Common Wild Elder or Gewone Wildevlier (Nuxia congesta)

Help us celebrate Arbor Month this year by planting at least one tree - whether this be a donated specimen to an underprivileged community, or even a memorial tree within your own garden.


TreeCo will donate 5 x 50 ltr Cape ash to anybody that plants 50 trees with proof this week. No matter how small the trees are that you plant. So help us donate and add to everybody's cause. P.S. Trees will be donated to a school in Wellington. So come and do it

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