Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoprite Holdings Head-Office in Cape Town Invests in Trees

The Shoprite Holdings Head-Office situated in Brackenfell saw the completion of a large landscape project last month. A key focus of this project was the introduction of a large quantity of trees. Urban greening is certainly of critical importance and we can be proud in Cape Town of the fact that so many of our industrial, commercial as well as new residential areas are beautifully landscaped. In years to come, our efforts now at greening the beautiful mother city will certainly provide an even more appealing environment in which to live and work.

Capescapes, the key landscape contractor to the Shoprite Holdings Head-Office project were involved in choosing trees for this particular landscape. In addition to a few other suppliers, TreeCo was chosen to supply over 200 trees ranging from 100lt specimens to our well established 1000lt trees. A wide range of species was chosen from Erythrina caffra, Ekebergia capensis, Rhus chirindensis and Celtis africana, to Trichelia emetica and Curtisia dentata. TreeCo recently expanded both the range and quantity of particularly our popular 200lt size tree range and this assisted to enable our ability to supply such a large quantity of trees.

Heidi of Capescapes had this to say about Rudi, Leske and the TreeCo team:

"TreeCo was fantastic - they really came to the party on the Shoprite Holdings Head-Office project and I would recommend them to anyone. I feel that I can contact Rudi or Leske at anytime - and they will always be available to assist. If I phone on a Sunday and say that we need the trees delivered on Monday morning before 9, I know that TreeCo will do their best to accommodate us"

Thank you to the Architects and Capescapes for affording us the opportunity to assist you on this project. We look forward to seeing our trees flourish at the Shoprite Holdings Head-Office - there is certainly no better legacy one can leave than in the beauty of a living, long lasting asset such as a tree.

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