Friday, February 4, 2011

TreeCo Trees Grace Sandown Road

If you drive down Sandown Road in Parklands at any stage, look out for the long avenue of trees flanking the road, next to the newly built complexes. 

TreeCo recently provided around 85 trees to Colin at Peninsula Landscaping for this project.
Colin says “The reason we use TreeCo is because their trees acclimatise very well – they are extremely hardy and for this sort of planting where the trees are exposed to the harshest of elements, including full sun and high winds, TreeCo’s trees are the only ones we really can use. We have only had one tree die and that was due to it being continually flooded by a leaking pipe – which is no reflection on the tree or the planting. The other reason we use TreeCo is for their service – it is always a pleasure working with Rudi, Leske and their team!”


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