Monday, November 8, 2010

Support Global Wheeling - A Truly Innovative Cause!

This October Rudi and Leske were honoured to assist the Global Wheeling Foundation by sponsoring 100 trees toward their ‘Plant a Tree’ program, which is just one of the various environmental protection and empowerment initiatives that the Global Wheeling Foundation is actively involved in promoting.

Our trees were planted in a disadvantaged community within the Helderberg municipality at an inaugural ceremony which was also attended by our mayor.  

“TreeCo were so positive and willing to assist us and they will be continuing to support us with trees as much as possible in the coming months. Rudi and Leske have been absolutely terrific – really great”! Kerry Kleinhans – Global Wheeling.

What is the Global Wheeling Foundation?

The Global Wheeling Foundation is a South African based non profit organisation, working to uplift youths in disadvantaged communities through environmental education and the provision of used bicycles from European donors.

The bicycle is an eco-friendly alternative to motorised transport and by assisting those less fortunate through the donation of bicycles, the DISCOUNT CODE TSMD 0060 Global Wheeling Foundation aims to create a new generation of environmentally aware South Africans that will be able to help themselves by pedalling out of poverty.

The Global Wheeling Foundation has 4 exciting initiatives in place to ensure that they achieve their goal.

Global Bike Ride

Kayden Kleinhans (founder) is currently on an environmental pilgrimage through 40 countries to highlight the bike as a positive tool for change. Every km that Kayden rides can be sponsored, and all donations will be used towards empowerment and environmental initiatives.

Bums on Bikes

This initiative rewards youths for their environmental efforts through empowering them by providing them with a bicycle to use as transport.

Recycle a Bike

Those in more affluent countries (primarily Europe and the Americas) are encouraged to fill a container with second hand bikes. These bikes will be shipped to the Global Wheeling Foundation in Africa and distributed to disadvantaged communities.

Plant a Tree

The Global Wheeling Foundation is planting 2010 trees to commemorate the World Cup coming to Africa and put a long term measure in place that will assist to absorb carbon emissions.

They are in the process of planting fruit trees and indigenous trees in parks and at schools in disadvantaged areas in and around Cape Town.

In conjunction with the Global Bike Ride, every carbon free km sponsored will enable the team at Global Wheeling, working with Cape Town based NGO’s, to plant a tree. 10 carbon free km’s = 10 trees.

In addition, through this program, the Global Wheeling Foundation has created a platform to empower local street artists by employing them to design and make a wire tree which will be sent to those donors who have enabled the Global Wheeling Foundation to plant at least 10 trees.

Join the Cause and Support your Community!

At TreeCo we will continue to donate trees to this worthy cause and encourage all of you to join us in doing the same, so that together we can help to preserve our environment, while making a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

For more information on the Global Wheeling Foundation, go to

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