Thursday, September 9, 2010

Support National Arbour Week!

Spring is here again and with it comes National Arbour Week which takes place from the 1st – 7th September.
Many countries around the world recognise the importance of educating people about the vital role that trees play in the sustainability of the environment and with this in mind celebrate Arbour day once a year.

In South Africa we celebrate Arbour week, where people from all walks of life are encouraged to participate in various greening activities within their surroundings.

September is also considered Arbour month to many and TreeCo we like to celebrate both as any opportunity to green our environment is welcomed!

Forests form a significant part of the country’s natural resources as well as making a substantial contribution to the economy.

We have divided the term ‘forestry’ into three categories, in order to facilitate a better understanding of the different aspect that each category plays within our communities.

Indigenous Forests

Our indigenous forests provide an important habitat for a large variety of wild life as well as supplying material for natural medicine. By absorbing carbon dioxide and replenishing the air with oxygen they are instrumental in reducing the ‘greenhouse effect’. Soil erosion is prevented as the roots of the trees bind the soil as well as adding nutrients with their leaf litter. Indigenous forests are of great importance to the tourism industry as they generate a substantial amount of revenue from visitors who come to enjoy the hikes, trails and wild life viewing.

Commercial Forests

Although commercial forests are man made, they are equally important as they provide much needed jobs, thereby uplifting communities, DISCOUNT CODE TSMD0040 as well as generating considerable income from the timber. Orchards, which can be regarded as a smaller form of commercial plantation, are an important source of food as well as employment.

Metropolitan Forests

These are the areas within an urban environment that have been enhanced by the planting of trees and other greenery. These areas which can be called the ‘lungs’ of the urban landscape, provide beauty, shade, food and a habitat for wild life, as well as absorbing pollutants from the air, thereby improving the quality of the air that we breathe.

During National Arbour Week, various campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the importance of trees in creating a healthy and sustainable environment are organised within communities throughout the country.
At TreeCo we have good stocks of Acacia xanthophloea, 2010 tree of the year available and trust that all of you will take this opportunity to support these valuable initiatives by assisting less fortunate communities wherever you can.

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