Friday, June 4, 2010

Testimonial of the Month - EP Landscapes

Gert Smit of EP Landscapes approached TreeCo to supply him with trees for a somewhat specialised project on a farm in the exclusive Jonkershoek district.

Part of his brief was to restore an area that had been disturbed by reintroducing Old English oaks or Quercus robur. The area required really large trees and TreeCo was able to supply magnificent 2000kg specimens.

Rudi met Gert on site to assess the area and determine the size of the crane truck that would be needed for the project. He then advised Gert on the preparation of the holes such as using the correct amount of pelletised organic fertiliser and soaking the holes really well with water prior to planting. Notably, EP Landscapes utilises a specially prepared mix of slow release fertiliser that ensures a newly planted tree will have 'food' for many years. 

When Rudi arrived bang on time to deliver the trees, he took complete control of the planting process, physically getting right into the holes to ensure that the trees were all positioned correctly before returning soil to the holes.

Gert really appreciates Rudi and Leske’s outstanding service and commitment to delivering the very best in quality and value for money. Whenever Gert needs trees for a project Rudi emails photos of the trees he has available and always welcomes clients to the nursery should they wish to choose their own trees. Gert says TreeCo’s after sales service is outstanding as Rudi really goes the extra mile to ensure that all the trees he supplies are doing well by monitoring them for months after planting. The quality of the trees is such however, that Gert has enjoyed a 100% success rate with trees purchased from TreeCo. 


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