Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Cities, Two Stadia - Looking Absolutely Stunning!

Rudi and Leske would like to take this opportunity to thank the Landscape Architects and Landscape Installation Contractors at the new Nelson Mandela Bay and Cape Town stadia for affording TreeCo the opportunity to supply them with trees for these prestigious projects. We are truly honoured to be able to have the opportunity to watch as our trees flourish for years to come at these world-class venues!
The Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) Stadium

Mike Nowick of Ulterior Designs, who compiled the Landscape Design for the Port Elizabeth stadium, was involved in sourcing suitable suppliers for large trees at the stadium. Of the suppliers that Mike had contacted, he was immediately impressed by Rudi and Leske’s enthusiasm and helpfulness, as well as the excellent value for money that TreeCo’s trees could provide. It is based on his experience with TreeCo that Mike advised Phil Pautz of Top Turf, who was to complete the Landscape Installation, to utilise TreeCo.
As new clients of TreeCo, both Mike and Phil were blown away when Rudi made arrangements to personally visit the stadium site in Port Elizabeth so that he could familiarise himself with the scope of the design and growing conditions and thereby assist in supplying suitable trees for the project. From selection, through quotation, ordering and transportation/delivery, Phil was highly complementary of the service he received from Rudi and Leske.
Phil mentioned that when he received the trees they all looked fantastic; precisely matching the quality of the trees in the photo’s that Rudi had previously sent. Maintaining professionalism is very important within a tight knit industry such as the green industry and Phil says he has really enjoyed working with TreeCo as he values their integrity and transparency, as well as their commitment to delivering outstanding value for money and their highly attentive level of personalised service. Phil is looking forward to developing a long standing relationship with TreeCo.
The trees at the Port Elizabeth stadium are looking superb and Top Turf has already received a number of compliments on them.
The Cape Town Stadium
Richard Matheson of OvP was the Landscape Architect for the Cape Town stadium where TreeCo was fortunate to be chosen as one of the suppliers of trees. He says that the suppliers and the trees that he chose had to meet stringent criteria with regard to quality, size and value for money – all of which comes standard at TreeCo.
Richard, who has utilised TreeCo trees within numerous projects over the years, says that TreeCo is an absolute pleasure to work with as they are always open and ready to impart any relevant information with regard to the trees and their quality. Their service is excellent and their deliveries are reliably on time, not to mention the great (and rather legendary) cup of coffee you are offered when you visit them at the nursery!
Grant Barret from Eco Creations, who completed the Landscape Installation at the Cape Town stadium, also commended TreeCo on the superb standard of their product and their outstanding service. Grant has worked with Rudi and Leske for 3 years and has developed an excellent rapport with them and says that he can always depend on TreeCo to go the extra mile, regardless of the circumstances.


The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium as seen from across the lake...
A close-up shot of the architecture at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium...
View of the Cape Town Stadium from the ocean...

View of Cape Town Stadium at night from a vantage point in Green Point...

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