Monday, December 7, 2009

Bringing the Environment and Local Communities Together

This month Rudi and Leske had the pleasure of being able to donate 15 trees to the youth of CASE (Community Action towards Safer Environment) in Hanover Park, enabling them to work towards the betterment of their community. We felt honoured to receive the following letter from Duncan Souchon after the planting had taken place.

The CASE youth (Community Action towards a Safer Environment) of Hanover park spent the day of Sunday the 15th November planting trees donated by TreeCo in their school and community. TreeCo very kindly donated 15 beautiful trees to CASE as part of their Leadership and Environmental development programme with Educo Africa. The students got to planting the trees with great enthusiasm and were part of the decision-making of where they wanted the trees in their school. They chose for 3 trees to be planted outside the staff room, and 7 trees on the school perimeter near their youth hall. The wind could not blow away their spirits, and by lunch time, the ten trees were standing tall in their new homes with everything they needed; compost, water, and love.

After the photo session with the whole youth group standing proudly around their trees, the greater community was invited to attend a ceremony where the students had an opportunity to present their experiences and learning’s around leadership to their friends, family and community. The final 5 trees were then donated to this community as a whole to be planted anywhere in Hanover park that they choose. We would like to extend a huge token of thank you’s to TreeCo for helping to affect young people’s lives positively by giving them the opportunity to take a strong leadership role in their community and make a long term difference to the way the place looks.

Duncan Souchon

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