Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Update from Pearl Valley...

We are fortunate to have to date enjoyed a very long standing working relationship with Deon Weyers of Land-Art Environmental Solutions and when we spoke to him recently to enquire about the progress at Pearl Valley estate just outside Paarl, he gave us a rave review.

TreeCo supplied Deon with a sizeable quantity of 100kg trees for a particular site at Pearl Valley just 1 ½ years ago. These included Searsia pendulina, Nuxia floribunda, Syzygium cordatum and a range of Podocarpus. The trees are looking stunning on account of not only to the quality of the trees supplied, but also, as Deon stressed, the deep watering on a regular basis which is so important to promote optimum growth. At Pearl Valley, Deon has installed bubble jet irrigation to ensure that the water effectively reaches the roots of each tree.

Deon thanked us for our reliability, quick turn around time and for our personal service, as well as the follow up calls we make in order to establish that he is continuously satisfied with everything.

We strive to maintain this personal contact with all our clients as we believe that your success is ultimately, our success.

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