Thursday, September 3, 2009

TreeCo - Promoting a Greener Environment

Rudi and Leske are pleased to be able to tell you that our nursery has recovered really well from the floods last month and everything is looking absolutely stunning as we move into spring. As September is National Arbour month, we are offering clients a 10% discount on all purchases that you make when you visit the nursery, which we hope will assist you in your efforts towards creating a healthier, more sustainable and greener environment for all.

Since Arbour month creates greater awareness of the environment in general, this month, we would like to introduce you to Green Home, a company that is taking the lead in 100% biodegradable, compostable, food packaging and, more recently, plant pots.

This dynamic, primarily female owned company is headed up by Catherine Morris, who, after doing extensive research into biodegradable products overseas, returned to her home in Cape Town three years ago, where she proceeded to set up the successful, innovative business that Green Home is today.

With the constant progress being made in bio–technology, Green Home is able to supply an extensive range of cost effective, catering and food packaging items, using environment friendly plant based starches such as those derived from sugar cane and corn, which are completely biodegradable and will break down in a matter of weeks when thrown into the compost.

In line with the worldwide green revolution, it has become imperative for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and, to this end, Green Home promotes the green message by creating awareness and educating businesses on the importance of using recyclable packaging.

Green Home’s latest innovation is their unique compostable flower pot. These rustic looking pots are manufactured from wood shavings, straw and discarded mulch from wineries, which is combined with natural clays, and can be formed into various shapes. Currently there is only a 5cm pot available, but the range is being extended to include a variety of shapes and sizes. These pots will safely decompose when placed on the compost heap or discarded into the environment.

For more information regarding Green Home and their range of exceptional products, please visit or email Catherine Morris at


The Green Home 100% Biodegradable
5cm Flower Pot

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