Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Preparing for when winter releases her grip…

As the Cape slides ever deeper into it’s annual Winter hibernation, Rudi and Leske, known for the innovative and dynamic approach to their business, have been preparing for the warmer days ahead, assuring that all their valued clients are given the best possible quality and availability once the new season starts.

To this end, we have some magnificent Acacia galpinii (2009 tree of the year) already available for national Arbour week. We would like to advise you to place your orders for these lovely trees early, to avoid disappointment later on.

In 1999 national Arbour day was extended to national Arbour week which takes place from 1 – 7 September. The objective of national Arbour week is to raise public awareness of the important role that our indigenous trees play in the sustainability of our environment and to encourage individuals and groups to plant trees. At this time, throughout the country, various greening activities are undertaken by individuals, schools, businesses and other organisations within their communities. Look out for our in depth report on national Arbour week and the 2009 tree of the year, Acacia galpinii, in our August newsletter.

We invite all our clients to visit us at our nursery, where you can view our stock and we can advise you and discuss your needs for the season ahead over a cup of delicious steaming hot coffee.

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